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The Estate
The Estate

A story to be told

Estate Argyros has been established in 1903, but the Argyros family has been involved in wine production for decades before that. Since the beginning, there has been a focus on both wine making and vine growing, through a deep understanding that great grapes are always a prerequisite for great wines. Each generation contributed to the development of Estate Argyros wines on both fronts.


Yiannis Argyros

Although multiple generations of Argyros made fine wines from top quality vineyards, it was Yiannis Argyros that propelled the estate into the world’s wine producing elite. He took hold of the estate in 1974 and worked tirelessly for more than three decades to prove that his Vinsantos are some of the finest, rarest sweet wines in the world. Moreover, Yiannis was instrumental in proving that the dry Assyrtikos of Santorini can be sublime and age worthy.


Matthaios Argyros

Matthaios (Matthew) Argyros, the fourth generation of wine growers, is currently at the helm of Estate Argyros, since 2004. He has been the driving force behind the establishment of the new winery and the further acquisition of vineyard land. Matthaios is travelling widely, not only for promoting Estate Argyros wines but also to see the great vineyards and taste the finest wines of the world. His acute attention to detail and his depth of knowledge of the Santorini vineyard, guarantee that the future of the Estate is in safe hands.


The Winery

The Estate Argyros Winery, located in Episkopi and established in 2015, is a cutting edge establishment, certainly one of the most impressive on the island, covering more than 3000 m2.
Utmost care has been taken to create a most stylish and impressive visitors area, but most of the emphasis was placed in the production facilities, making sure that every stage of the wine making process can be handled with both maximum control and minimum intervention.



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